Traditional hat from Lanzarote

Traditional hat with a high crown and a wide brim. It was made with the same technique as the estera or palm mat. For the plait, white leaves of the Canarian palm tree have been used. The brim is decorated with a black ribbon and 5 pom-poms which are characteristic ornaments for this typical woman’s hat from Lanzarote. Two braided cords with a pom-pom on each end were added for a secure fit. Available in different sizes, depending on the age of the person who wears it.
Traditional and unique piece.
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This traditional farmer’s hat from Fuerteventura is made with the same technique as the estera or palm mat, for which exactly eleven leaves were necessary. María Hernández demonstrates how to make one of these traditional palm hats. She used several tools such as a wooden needle for the plaited palm leaves, an iron needle for the tomizas (palm rope), a small needle to prepare the palm leaves, a knife and scissors and of course her hands, as the traditional craft is handmade.


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