Tege and ashes

Waxed thread necklace with round beads and a central piece in sandy colours and a black element representing ashes. The beads are different in size and have toasted sand and black sand colours. A macramé knot was added to adjust the size but you can also ask for a sterling silver clasp. Unisex.
Unique piece. Handmade.
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The central piece of the Tege and ashes necklace was made with a commercial fire clay. The clay has been formed to give it this special texture and coloured in black to represent the ashes. The round beads were made individually with different ceramic pastes to which metallic oxides and salts were added for colouring purposes. The round beads in a sandy and black colour are the result of just one firing at a temperature of 1250ºC, after which you can already admire the result of all the work that has gone into making them.

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choker, earrings, set


light blue/bright blue, black sand/khaki green, black sand/ white


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