Teardrop earrings


Long teardrop-shaped Murano glass earrings with silver hooks, designed by Guido Gionvando. Available in five different colours that represent the elements of water, fire, earth and air.

*Al ser piezas únicas, es posible que la pieza actual no sea exactamente igual a la expuesta. En este caso, nuestro/a artesano/a se pondrá en contacto contigo tras la venta para confirmarlo


Murano glass is produced on the island of Murano, a place with a long tradition of glass artisans whose techniques have been passed down from one generation to the next. To achieve its unique colours and shapes it has to be treated with delicacy and care. Guido Giovando used the glass blowing technique to make these teardrop-shaped Murano glass earrings. This technique consists of a process where sand is transformed into glass, with the help of air and fire.

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blue, turquoise/champagne, mahogany, red, black


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