Sun silk poster


Hand-painted silk poster, mounted on white paper. The sun shines in yellow and orange tones on a blue sky, just like on a sunny day in Fuerteventura. It is colourful, original and unique. It would be a lovely addition to your living room where it would attract everyone’s attention.


30 cm x 30 cm
Handmade. Unique piece.


*Free shipping within Europe.

*As these are unique pieces, it is possible that the actual piece may not be exactly the same as the one on display. In case of a huge difference, our artisan will contact you after the sale to confirm it.

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To create this poster, Andrea took inspiration from the landscape that surrounded her – the burning sun that rises over the island of Fuerteventura. The design of this poster is unique, colourful and fun. Each poster is a bit different, unless you order them to be made the exact same way directly by their designer. They are all made with paper and hand-painted silk. Among the creations of Andrea Castagna it is her creative designs that stand out the most. She gets her inspiration from an idea, a drawing, a writing, a colour, a texture…


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