Polychrome sculpture version 2


Handmade polychrome sculpture with carved wood. Inspired by the landscape of Fuerteventura seen from Lobos island.
Unique and exclusive piece.

*As these are unique pieces, it is possible that the actual piece may not be exactly the same as the one on display. In case of a huge difference, our artisan will contact you after the sale to confirm it.

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This carved wood piece with a polychrome design is a very unique piece although it has a “sister” from the same collection. Looking at it, you can feel the waves of the blue, almost turquoise sea, the dry yellow sand, the waves of the dunes that turn into mountains and the evening sky with its beautiful red colours from the setting sun. If you want to take a piece of Fuerteventura home, then this sculpture is the right choice. To get the inspiration for this creation the artisan, Marcos José Martínez, “moved” to Lobos island, a small island of the Canary Island archipelago, situated in the northeast of Fuerteventura in the Strait of Bocaina that belongs to the region La Oliva, were Martínez also has his workshop.


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