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Ceramic tile enamelled at 1000ºC with the option of making a custom-order. The first image shows a design where the name of the house is encircled by many beautiful flowers and blue elements. If you have a rural house in the countryside, and have always sought that special something to distinguish it from the rest, this would be the perfect addition to your home. But if you have something more specific in mind, keep reading the description…







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This ceramic tile has been enamelled at 1000ºC, making it highly resistant. It has measurements of 31x15cm.
Among the creations of ceramic artisan Andrea Castagna it is her creative designs that stand out the most. She gets her inspiration from an idea, a drawing, a writing, a colour, a texture…
Custom ordered tiles will be adapted to the customer’s design. Non binding requests for names, numbers or mural decorations. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
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turquoise circle : yellow circle : lilac circle : turquoise butterfly : metallic butterfly