Pebbles sculpture


Ceramic sculpture with different glazes, glass pebbles and a wooden base. Use it as a paperweight or as a decoration piece for that one spot in your office or home that is missing something.


Approximately 10x30cm
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*Al ser piezas únicas, es posible que la pieza actual no sea exactamente igual a la expuesta. En este caso, nuestro/a artesano/a se pondrá en contacto contigo tras la venta para confirmarlo


Pebbles are round stones with a smooth surface by the action of water. In the Canary Islands they can be found on beaches or in ravines and now, also in this original and exclusive ceramic piece. Andrea Castagna, the ceramic artisan behind this sculpture, brings life to very creative ceramic pieces that are inspired by nature, an idea, a painting, a written text, a colour, a texture…


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