Obsidian necklace


Waxed thread necklace in a green and red colour with a central obsidian. The fastening is adjustable. Grooved stone. It is original and elegant and can also be worn for more informal occasions. Unique piece. 100% water resistant.
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*As these are unique pieces, it is possible that the actual piece may not be exactly the same as the one on display. In case of a huge difference, our artisan will contact you after the sale to confirm it.
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This waxed thread necklace was braided with the macramé technique. It has a natural black colour obsidian stone. Macramé can also be seen as an art form of jewellery, as is the case with this bracelet or anklet. Obsidian, also known as volcanic glass, is a type of igneous rock (volcanic rock of the silicates group). Its composition is similar to granite and rhyolite. Its colour usually ranges from black to blackish green. Obsidian is often associated with the first chakra and mother earth. It represents the integration of light in the earthly world, in a conscious and dynamic way.


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