Murano glass bee


Decorative bee made with Murano glass in black and yellow colours and transparent wings. You can fully appreciate the black bee stripes which required great precision and detailed work from the artisan. This Murano glass bee makes a lovely addition to any shelf and is the perfect gift for bee lovers.


2 cm
*Shipping price included

*Al ser piezas únicas, es posible que la pieza actual no sea exactamente igual a la expuesta. En este caso, nuestro/a artesano/a se pondrá en contacto contigo tras la venta para confirmarlo


Murano glass is born on the island of Murano, near Venice, and the artisans working with it are famous for achieving a great variety of very high-quality colours. The sand used to make Murano glass comes from Switzerland and is very light, fine and pure, which is why the glass has such a good quality. Behind this Murano glass bee is the Italian glass artisan Guido Giovando who is based en Las Playitas in Fuerteventura since 2007.


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