key hanger wave


Handmade key hanger with a wave in a tube. It is made on white wood carving. The wood is recycled. Turquoise eco acrylic paints. Ecological varnish. With its four hangers you will be able to hang your car keys, house keys…
Each wave is different, choose yours.
Unique piece.
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*As these are unique pieces, it is possible that the actual piece may not be exactly the same as the one on display. In case of a huge difference, our artisan will contact you after the sale to confirm it.

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Surf lovers can now have their own key hanger in 100% recycled wood carving. Recycled wood, ecological paints and varnishes have been used to create this key hanger, helping to preserve the environment. This is really important for the craftsman of this Madera y Mar piece, Marcos José Martínez. Ecological paints are made from vegetal or mineral raw materials (clay, silicates, lime). They are biodegradables and free of harmful substances such as biocides or plasticisers found in conventional paints. Their environment impact is significantly lower than synthetic products, which are based on petroleum derivatives.


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