Heart key hanger with heart


Handmade key hanger with a heart design in different colours on a turquoise background. It was made on a white recycled wood carving. Ecological paints and varnishes. Desingned to hang up to 4 keys.
Unique piece.
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Love can do anything, even turn a bad day around. This handmade key hanger will change your perspective on life when arriving or leaving home. Recycled wood and ecological paints and varnishes were used to create this key hanger, helping to preserve the environment. This is something that is very important to the craftsman of this piece, Marcos José Martínez. He was inspired by an idea, his environment and his lifestyle. Ecological paints are made from vegetal or mineral raw materials (clay, silicates, lime). They are biodegradable and free of harmful substances such as biocides or plasticisers found in conventional paints. Their environment impact is significantly lower than synthetic products, which are based on petroleum derivatives.


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