Handmade crochet sweater

Children’s crochet sweeter made with 100% cotton yarn. Available in various colours and sizes.
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*As these are unique pieces, it is possible that the actual piece may not be exactly the same as the one on display. In case of a huge difference, our artisan will contact you after the sale to confirm it.
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Handmade crochet sweater for boys and girls in a cream colour and a blue and red coloured geometric design at the centre. This sweater goes well with everything, bringing a lot of originality to your look. It is available in various sizes and colours. Crochet (from the French word crochet) is a handmade technique for making garments and objects from wool or yarn, usually cotton, using a hook. María Felisa is known for her creative designs. Her almazuela, patchwork and crochet creations demonstrate how well she masters those techniques. From the way she talks about her work it becomes even more apparent how committed she is to her handicraft and to the island of Fuerteventura.


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