Carved belt 35 mm


Belt with cowhide leather. Unisex. Hand painted and carved as well as embellished with Canarian pintaderas. It has a silver buckle and is available in different colours and designs.
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Artisan cowhide leather belt with a design that has been inspired by Canarian pintaderas. Hand painted in various colours. This cowhide leather is vegetable tanned. Pintaderas are geometric shapes, used for decoration or identification purposes of a person or family. The pintaderas come from pre-Hispanic times and were used by natives as a form of stamp. They can be found all over the Canary Islands and there is only a limited number of designs that always repeat themselves, making them feel not only magical but also an intricate part of the history of the islands. The belt has been hand carved by Flypart hecho a mano.

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yellow triangles/red/black, sun/turquoise triangle/blue/black, delicate pintaderas yellow/turquoise/blue/black, delicate pintaderas yellow/turquoise/red/brown, spirals/sun brown/black