Give handmade gifts from the Canary Islands for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will be different this year. Do you know why? Because your gift will be unique and original, handmade by a Canarian craftsperson.

Every 14th February romance is in the air, making you want to give a special gift to the one you love.For this Valentine’s Day we offer you special gifts full of feeling, but above all unique and original, made with tender loving care by our Creative Craftspeople of Fuerteventura.

Discover the ideal gift for your loved one from a carefully selected range of items and accessories for him and for her.

A very special key hanger

You get home and there it is: love is waiting for you by the door. This hand-carved key hanger has room for four keys, but also for belts, necklaces, bracelets, scarves…

Its heart-shaped design, in turquoise mottled with white, looks like pumice stone. This decorative item is 100% sustainable. Why? Because it’s made from recycled wood and the paints and varnishes used are acrylic and ecological.

In the words of Marcos the craftsman behind this key hanger: “follow your heart and let love be your guide, for love is surely the most powerful force there is.”

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A shoulder bag to fall in love with

You can’t keep love tucked away, but if you could, you’d definitely keep it in this shoulder bag. And it’s not just any bag.

Flypart hecho a mano has used all the colours of a summer sunset to design this handmade calfskin shoulder bag. It is unisex and has an adjustable strap so you can wear it at the length that suits you best. It is also hand-sewn and has metal buckles. 

A shoulder bag made with lots of love, lots of detail and above all the creativity of Paula and Felipe, the artisans of Flypart hecho a mano.

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The tiles of love

The yellow brick road led Dorothy to Oz, but these tiles with heart designs will guide you to pure, true love.

Red, the colour of love, had to be included in this pack of 4 ceramic tiles with little hearts measuring 3.5 x 3.5 cm. To create them, Andrea, a ceramic artisan, has glazed them at 1000 degrees helping to make them more hard-wearing They come with double-sided tape so you can stick them on any wall or in any corner you choose, creating a colourful touch with a message for your home. Remember, you can order your hearts in whatever size and colours you like.

It’s a lovely detail to add to a gift to express your love and affection. Special, unique tiles for a special occasion: Valentine’s Day.

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Earrings unique in every way

You will fall in love with them as soon as you see them. If your partner likes accessories, they will love these elliptical ceramic earrings set in sterling silver. They don’t need clasps because the weight of the beads alone keeps them on the ear.

The ceramic pieces have been created with different types of ceramic paste, and Pitoya, the craftswoman who brings Caracola to life, has used oxides and metallic dyes to give them those two shades of blue.

Different, handmade, original. Unique earrings for a unique person.

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Flowers never fail

And if they don’t wither, they’ll last for ever.

So it is with the bouquet of flowers handmade by María, an artisan basketmaker. She personally gathers the green and white Canary Island palm leaves she uses to create these non-perishable flowers.

You’ll notice how natural they feel, the details of the traditional plaited palm empleita used to sew them, and the feeling of craftsmanship and tradition they convey.

This year your vase will have a touch of Canarian style, handmade and personal.

Discover the creativity of María Hernández

A hand-woven bracelet

If you’re looking for something attractive, hard-wearing and special, this wide handmade macramé bracelet is all that and more. In the centre it has a green gemstone, but if you prefer another colour combination, just ask Martin, its maker.

Martin uses the finest quality waxed threads to create his macramé costume jewellery. Treating the thread with wax makes it long-lasting and proof against anything.  

Let the knots that form this handmade macramé bracelet be the lasting bonds of your life.

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A candle designed specially for you

The flame of love will never be extinguished with this natural soy candle.

You can personalize this candle, made by hand from soy wax and carved with roses, by giving it your favourite aroma: lavender, jasmine, mint, lemon… so that the room you put it in will transport you to that unique, special moment you were waiting for. You can also choose the colour.

The Taller de los Aromas (Aroma Workshop) creates, wraps and labels all its products by hand, so we can guarantee that this candle is 100% ecological  and handmade, from production to packaging.

Follow the essence of the Aroma Workshop

A delicate heart

If you’re looking for a special gift by an artisan, this heart-shaped Murano glass necklace is just for you. Handmade by Guido Giovando, it perfectly combines the black of the faux suede lace with Murano glass in any of its four colours: red, blue, mahogany or black.

All you need is love, and this heart-shaped necklace, to score a hit on Valentine’s Day.

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A very cuddly owl

It could never replace a person but this owl cushion will do its best to keep your loved ones company while you are gone.

This lovely pink owl by Estefanía who used the patchwork technique is hypoallergenic and handmade.

The bottom part is made with printed cotton fabric in various designs. Another characteristic are its great big eyes, “all the better to see you with”.

Surrender to the charms of this cuddly patchwork cushion in the shape of a lovable owl and bring out your most affectionate side.

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Citrine, gold and silver merged together in a necklace

Marilyn Monroe sang that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but she didn’t know Bernhard Glauser’s jewellery. This rounded necklace in 925 sterling silver, two types of gold (999 and 750) and citrine is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. To make it even more distinctive, the chain is stainless steel . It’s special in every sense. This beautiful object is a unique and exclusive piece handmade by the craft jeweller Bernhard Glauser.

It will catch everyone’s eye. This necklace is a very special gift for someone very special to you.

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Personalized amigurumi figures

Everybody loves Baby Yoda, but if you have it in amigurumi,as well, it’s irresistible.

María Felisa can turn any animated character into an amigurumi figure. Order your partner’s favourite soft toy or cartoon character and success this 14th February is guaranteed..

Handmade in crochet with 100% cotton thread.

In the Japanese tradition, this amigurumi will be your companion for life, giving you protection and affection whenever you need it.

MariArte crochet is pure love

A flamingo is for life

Flamingos develop lifelong ties of friendship and love, so this flamingo-shaped cushion truly is a declaration of intent.

Made with 100% cotton fabric and a hypoallergenic filling. Its delightful shade of pink and large wings are absolutely amazing.

It is big enough to hug but small enough to take everywhere.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Gugudoll’s flamingos.

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If you’ve thought of giving your partner something unique, original and different this 14th February, you have plenty here to choose from. This is our carefully selected range of handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day.


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