Father’s Day: handmade gifts

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching and you want to give that special person something original. Some already know what to get, but if your dad is one of those who are impossible to shop for, here are a few suggestions that you can’t go wrong with.

From new fathers to grandfathers with big families, you’ll be sure to find the perfect present among our handmade gifts for men to give dad a real thrill.

Isn’t it true that fathers often get pen stains on their shirts?

This pocket protector will save them from ruining their clothes with ink stains. They are available in different colours and prints, handmade by  Estefanía Santana who used the patchwork o almazuela technique.

They are made from 100% cotton fabric and are suitable for coats, sports shirts or uniforms for nurses, doctors, teachers, childcare workers, assistants… or any of your dad’s shirts.

For dads who like to pamper themselves, Aida Martín offers a wide range of handmade soaps.

This handmade soap in particular was made with goat’s milk, olive oil, shea butter and aloe vera. It has regenerating as well as soothing effects and is suitable for both face and body.

Like all of Aida’s products, this soap is made, wrapped and labelled by hand, making the gift even more special.

Martin has a lot of different types of bracelets for men in his shop. He makes them by hand and uses the macramé technique.

These wide bracelets, for example, combine waxed threads of various colours with eye-catching stones.
All of them are water resistant and have an adjustable clasp so that your dad doesn’t have to take them off if he goes for a swim on our Canary Island beaches.

This palm pouch (or sereta) is a unique traditional piece. Your father will definitely not be expecting a gift like this; a combination of tradition and originality.

Braided palm pouches were used by fishermen, but nowadays they are unique traditional pieces used for carrying any kind of tool or implement, or are used as decorative items.

It is made from natural green palm by the artisan basket weaver María Hernández.

For more creative fathers we have Guido Giovando’s glass sculptures.

This highly evocative sculpture is made of blown glass on a carved wooden base and is ideal to decorate any corner or to use as a paperweight.

This highly evocative sculpture is made of blown glass on a carved wooden base and is ideal to decorate any space or to use as a paperweight.

To achieve its unique colours and shapes the work has to be treated with delicacy and care, as Guido does with all his pieces.

All of Pitoya Camalich’s handmade ceramic boxes can become a very special gift, not only because of their originality and perfect finish, simulating golden sand or rivers of lava, but also because they can be used to hide a very personal message inside to express your affection on this special day.

This little box, called “Río de Lava” (Lava River) by the artisan, is made of double-fired stoneware, with a first firing at 980ºC to apply the black and turquoise glaze and a second one at 1250ºC.

These cufflinks in sterling silver and natural basalt are definitely an exclusive gift.

Artisan jeweller Bernhard Glauser crafts unique pieces that reflect the scenic charms and contrasts of the island of Fuerteventura: the sea, the sand, or, like in this case, the volcanic rock. Take a look at other basalt products available in the craft goods shop.

Animal lovers will appreciate this appealing mobile phone case covered with their pet’s footprints. However, MariArte also has other prints and types of cases to suit every father’s style. Ask María Felisa Méndez and she will be sure to help you design an ideal personalized gift.

María Felisa’s creations are characterized by the creativity of her designs and her almazuela, patchwork and crochet work.

Whether your father is very organized or the kind who needs a little help finding his papers, he will definitely love Gugudoll’s document holder.

These patchwork folders, in bright and very versatile prints, have all the qualities of a great gift: unique, useful and made with love. Ask Carmen about her organic cotton prints and personalization options.

Marcos Martínez designs many decorative objects made from recycled wood, like these polychrome wood carvings depicting the landscape of Fuerteventura as seen from the island of Lobos.

Any father, whether a resident or a visitor in love with the island, will be delighted with this landscape, which conveys tranquillity and balance; but you can find many other landscapes among the “De Madera y Mar” pieces.

Andrea Castagna’s creations include a large number of hand-painted silk bookmarks, ideal as a gift accompanied by a good book.

You can also turn them into a beautiful Father’s Day greeting card by adding your own personal message to make it truly unforgettable memory.

The designs of these bookmarks are unique, colourful and fun, and no two are the same.

Flypart’s handmade belts are always a very handy option when it comes to finding gifts for hard-to-please men.

They are made from hand-carved leather and come in a range of sizes, colours and patterns, recreating Canarian aboriginal decorative shapes known as pintaderas, or more sober models in plain or mottled leather for fathers who tend to go for a more classic look.

We have many more gifts waiting for you in our online Canarian craft goods shop. Remember that all products are unique artistic pieces and most of them can be personalised to make your gifts even more unique and original.


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