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“Almazuela" artisan - Our artisan of sewn-together remnants, la almazuela, or as it is also known in English, patchwork, was born on Gran Canaria, but brought up from the age of 10 on Fuerteventura. Estefanía Santana has always loved craftsmanship and doing handicraft of all kinds; it was actually a sewing machine that first caught her attention as a child. "I remember sitting down in front of my grandmother's machine while she sewed with one of those old Sigmas, which I am lucky enough to still own". She started off sewing by hand and learned to use a sewing machine of her own accord, teaching herself with the help of the Internet, by experimenting and remembering the times she watched her grandmother do it. After a while, when she had mastered the sewing machine, a friend signed her up for sewing classes so that she could get her artisan's card. And she successfully got it.

Nowadays she works from home where she has her workshop, she gives courses and she sews whenever her large family gives her a chance. "I love it and I find it relaxing, although I like sewing by hand too".


Calle Secretario Cabrera Baez, Antigua, España

About my work

“At Costurera de Sueños (The Dream Seamstress) I take inspiration from imagination and I can put together anything from a Montessori ball or a bag, to Christmas decorations and other decorative objects. My work is always done with love and dedication. And I always have family and friends with scraps and ideas to challenge my imagination".


"I've always felt I'm a Majorera (from Fuerteventura); before living here, I used to come to spend the summers at my grandmother's house. Being brought up here, I feel more Majorera than goat's cheese! Craftsmanship is appreciated in a special way here, and we've always tried to keep it going throughout our lives by running workshops and giving demonstrations for children and adults".

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