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Glass artisan - Guido Giovando, a professional in creating art with glass, was born in Italy in 1982 and brought up in the Italian province of Turin. His curiosity about glass and art led him to learn the glassblowers’ trade in Murano, Venice, under the tutelage of various master craftsmen. There, he fell in love with the process and became fascinated with how glass can change from solid to liquid in just a few minutes, with each second being fundamental for the process. In 2007 he came to Fuerteventura on holiday and was captivated by the landscapes and people on the island. And so he decided not to go home as he found everything he needed for his glass creations on this Canary island.


Calle Guanchinerfe 35, Las Playitas, Tuineje, Fuerteventura

About my work

"My glass production includes jewellery (necklaces, earrings, bracelets...), sculpture, ornamental drinking glasses, tableware and much more. Glass is a very manipulable material, but if you understand its language, the results will surprise you. When I stand in front of the flame, I give it different shapes, colours... and I realise that the glass itself is also doing that to me".
Guido makes jewellery and other objects with Murano glass, using a large range of colours and glass of very high quality which he orders directly from the Murano factory. In his work-process, he applies the technique of glassblowing.


"Fuerteventura has been a springboard towards an adventure. Its beauty and tranquillity, which invite you to carry out introspective searches, opened their doors to me and allowed me to evolve both personally and professionally. I feel at home here".

So much so that Guido is part of the artisan community that hosts workshops in cooperation with the Fuerteventura City Hall through its Artisan Service.

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